Training for the Brain

Training for the Brain

Neurofeedback therapy is a natural process that uses our ability to measure your brain waves to help you regulate undesirable brain activity, and enhance desirable brain activity, without medication. Using specialized computer equipment, an amplifier, and electrodes placed on the scalp, we display real-time qEEG results. These illustrate the brain activity and allow you to see what’s happening so you’re able to recondition and retrain the brain back to balance.

Much like an exercise training session for the body, neurofeedback therapy is training for the brain. Based on the strategy developed in the first steps of our therapy process, clients either engage in a video game with their mind or watch a movie while we measure strength, type, and location of activity in the brain while providing visual and audible feedback to help reach a desired brain wave pattern.

What to Expect During Your First Visit

During your initial visit you will be greeted by a neurofeedback practitioner and will be asked to complete the intake forms. For your convenience the paperwork may be completed prior to your visit. Once the forms are completed you and your practitioner will have a discussion regarding your medical history, any concerns you have and what your training goals are.

During this process your practitioner will discuss the training options with you. At this point you will receive your 1st training session. Electrodes will be placed on your head with a conductive paste. Each training session lasts 30 minutes. Please allow 2 hours for an initial assessment and training session and 45 minutes for each training session.